Do you know how to use clear stamp?

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  • Jimmy at
  • May 08, 2017

They're the coolest stamps on the block—literally! Clear stamps are just that—clear—so you can see where you're stamping, unlike with traditional wood rubber stamps. No more guessing if your stamp is lining up properly! They're very popular with card-makers and scrapbookers alike because they're so fun and easy to use, for everyone from beginners to seasoned crafters.

It's very easy to use, as easy as following 3 tips:

1. Peel stamps off clear sheet and position them on a clear acrylic block. The stamps will cling to the block. Remember to position them the opposite way you want the image to appear, especially when working with letter stamps!

2. Ink the stamps, then flip the clear block over and position it over your paper. The clear block allows you to line up the image perfectly!

3. Once it's positioned as you want it, press the block down on the paper with even pressure. Lift the block straight up and you're done! Clean the stamp with stamp cleaner, then peel off acrylic block and stick back on the clear sheet, for easy storage.

It's very easy to use, right? If you are interest in clear stamp, please click the link