Do you know the types of wooden crafts

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  • Jimmy at
  • May 15, 2017

Hello,everybody,we will talk about the types of wooden crafts------Christmas Spools/Spool Wreaths

Christmas Spools

Wooden spools work very well as the basis for an easy and cute Christmas craft. Paint spools in holiday colors like red, green, gold or silver. Allow to dry thoroughly. Cut a narrow strip of paper to the width of the spool. This strip of paper can be used for a holiday greeting or message or a child's Christmas wish list. Secure the paper strip into place with double stick tape and thread ribbon through the spool to hang it. Consider adding bells to your wooden spool ornaments or simply wrapping the spool with a bit of leftover wrapping paper for a simple and rustic wooden spool ornament.

Spool Wreaths

Use your wooden thread spools to make wreaths. You can simply wire together spools using heavy craft wire to create a wreath entirely out of thread spools. Add a bow made of wired ribbon and hang in your sewing room or anywhere in your home. Use spools with thread in their original state or opt for refinished spools for a more polished look. You can also wire spools onto a grapevine wreath or a holiday wreath. You can also make a simple wreath of spools and use it flat as a candle ring or to surround a simple glass bowl.

so we know the type of wooden craft-wooden spool .