What are The Features of Clear Stamps

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  • Jimmy at
  • April 21, 2017

Clear stamps are known by different names. As well as being called acrylic stamps they may be called polymer stamps, photo-polymer stamps, clear rubber stamps or any variation on the above. They all fall under the heading, however, of 'clear stamps'.

When attached to a block, clear stamps can be used repeatedly in a similar manner to a traditional stamp. Clear stamps are readily available from rubber stamping and craft stores, as well as online 

The features of clear stamps are:

· They are almost completely transparent when purchased.

· The stamps are slightly tacky allowing them to be adhered to a stamping block for use.

· They are stored on a backing sheet, in a protective wallet or container such as a CD case.

· Clear stamps are sold individually or on a sheet containing several stamps.  http://www.china-crafts-supplies.com/clear-stamps/