Why use clear stamp?

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  • Jimmy at
  • May 09, 2017

Clear stamps are ideal for layering images or working with letters, because you can see exactly where you're stamping, for fantastic results every time. No more guessing like you have to do with a wood-mount stamp! Plus, you can spell out entire words on the block to fit your design (in reverse, remember!) and stamp all the letters at once, saving you time!

Because the stamps are slightly flexible, you can move or bend them to fit your design. For example, if you have a dotted line stamp, position it into a wave pattern on the block before you stamp to give it a whole new look. You certainly can't do that with other stamps!

Making multiples of a project (cards, invitations, etc.) Clear stamps are perfect for the job. Position all your stamps on the acrylic block and away you go! With only having to stop to re-ink, you'll breeze right through your project, in no time!

Clear stamps aren't just for card-makers—incorporate them on your scrapbook pages too. In fact, many clear stamp sets out there are designed specifically for scrapbookers. Stamp journaling blocks, titles, images over your photos, decorative accents, and much more!

Now that you've learned the basics, pick up a set of clear stamps and an acrylic block today and start stamping!